My quarantine project: Free Coding Bootcamp with MERN Stack

May 20, 2020 • ☕️ 3 min read

Mern coding bootcamp

The problem

We all know how bad the entire COVID-19 situation becomes, here in the UK it wasn’t different from many other places in the world such as Italy, USA and so on.

We all got affected somehow with the lock-down and the pandemic in general.

Many lost their jobs, and many more will lose it if the situation progress.

Some large companies in the UK have closed the doors, and they do not know if they will be able to recover from that fully.

However, during this pandemic, I have realised how blessed I am with my job and for having made a career move five years ago.

While many lost everything and every penny they had, I could realise that I was blessed once more for having a job and to be able to do it comfortable and safe while working from home, also for being able to get the work done, smashing the tickets and be productive while safe.

I also have been contacted several times every week by recruiters from all over the place asking me if I wanted to hear more about some open positions, generally related to JavaScript, React and Node in my case, which made me realise that I could try helping those which need the most and maybe just want a shoot into software development.

The idea

If I could build a full-stack program that could help at least one person learning more about the stack/technology, and as per consequence finding a new job or a better one, I would be thrilled and proud of myself for having done my part.

Years ago I wasn’t into the same position where I am today, I remember to be struggling to afford some online courses and couldn’t find people whiling to not only support me but answering some questions that I had.

Why not create a video series that helps you how the stack work and how you can create something useful that will improve your skills gaps and give you a finished polished project that you can use on your cv/portfolio to help you going out there finding a better job as a developer?

Why not create a community with people that want to help each other and collaborate directly with the project, providing real-time feedback and helping increase the quality of the content?

That’s maybe a long shot, but I’m whiling to have a go if this program helps only one person I will be glad to have done it, I’m trying to help as many people as I can to learning how to code/improving their coding skills and be able to work into this amazing industry.

The program

Complete Free Coding Bootcamp 2020 MERN Stack (For Beginners)

This is a series video were we going to build a full-stack application from scratch using the MERN STACK: MongoDB, Express, React.js and Nodejs

We will build a Sports App for creating sports events and the app will include:

  • User registration and authentication
  • Hashing password for security
  • Session control
  • CRUD operations (Create, read, update and delete)
  • Search for events using filters (Running, Cycling or Swimming)
  • Sign UP for event in order to participate
  • Upload images to the server
  • Website notification using web sockets (in order to approve or refuse the Event Sign UP request)

So please share this blog post with your friends.

Want to join us or Need help?

The project is hosted on GitHub and has now more than 600 stars you can find it following the link below:

Many regards,

Jean Rauwers